Mar 31, 2010

Adrian started his 1.5 week vacation today by visiting his Pediatrician for more vaccination. He had two shots this time (Prenvar & Menactra) on his right & left thighs. According to the grandparents, Adrian behaved very well and was very chatty all along. He keeps up the good work from last time that he didn’t cry at all! Next vaccination is scheduled on May 27.

Mar 27, 2010

We’ve enrolled some programs for Adrian this spring. Other than the usual swimming/skating session, Adrian is enrolled in the Tot Spot program at the community centre every Sat until May. According to the program guide, it is designed to provide a variety of learning opportunities for kids for which they will be introduced a wide selection of crafts, music & co-operative games with the opportunity to socialize with their peers. The activity room is very spacious and fully equipped (sand area, slides, tunnel, doll house and many more) and nonetheless, Adrian enjoyed spending 2 hours there!

Mar 22, 2010

After a couple of emails to the SLP with Adrian’s latest audiogram, the therapy session timeline has been nailed down. Adrian will attend a 1-1 session on a weekly basis with the SLP for a couple of months and will see how he progresses. The focus will be mainly on listening & speech. The first session is scheduled on Apr 13th at 8:30am.

Mar 15 – 19, 2010

Adrian spent the entire March Break (& sleepovers) at the Grandparents’ house. Activities include going for dim sum, watching TV and eating like a pig etc. He sure had fun being spoiled for a week!

Mar 14, 2010

Had a trip to Wal-Mart looking for a kid’s bike for Adrian. When our shopping cart passed by the dairy product section, Adrian pointed at the “Yoghurt” stack and asked us to buy him some (a specific brand)??!!! We were very surprised as Adrian never liked yoghurt since we had tempted him to try it for a few times before but no success. We were still in disbelief but as soon as we got home, he immediately opened the yoghurt cup and started scooping it. He said he has it at school for snacks… We never thought the school would have such a GOOD influence on his eating habit. He’s more receptive to try on new food. Food that he likes now but never seemed to like it before include granola bar, cheese strings, Pretz, Ritz cheese crackers & yoghurt etc. Those were the food that he's tried at school for snacks!

Mar 8, 2010

The 1.5 hours meeting with the EIS lady went well. It has given us a preliminary idea what the school can offer Adrian if we chose to put him in the public system. She recommended us to put forth the “notification” process; a meeting will be scheduled for all the stakeholders (incl. the principal of the home school, SERT etc.) and they will then decide what kind of resources are available or will Adrian need when he enters JK this Sept. The EIS lady kept emphasizing there’s no obligation to withdraw from the public system if we change our minds later. Even though ultimately we wanted Adrian to remain at his current school but what she said was somehow true. There’s really no harm to see what the school board can offer to address Adrian’s hearing & speech problems.

Mar 3, 2010

It’s a day full of appointments & “surprises”!

1. The EIS lady was supposed to do a home visit (talking about Adrian attending JK this coming Sept) at 09:00 but no show. We waited for 30 mins and off we went to SickKids for more appointments. Later in the day we found out that she’s totally forgotten about our appointment and has now rescheduled it to Mar 8th at noon at a coffee shop near Mama’s workplace.

2. Adrian did really well in the hearing test this time! Even the audiologist found it hard to believe the test could be finished in 15 mins! The result reconfirms asymmetric hearing loss with auditory impairment starting from 2,000 Hz on his right ear and ~ 1,000 Hz on his left ear. We’ll meet with the ENT doctor on April 1st to go over results and the possibility of getting amplification.

3. Last Cardiac Echo (Sept 09) showed Adrian’s left heart chamber is slightly bigger than normal (may due to chemo side effects) and so Adrian had his 2nd follow up Cardiac Echo test this afternoon at 13:00. The test ran smoothly with Adrian behaved extraordinary well! He didn’t complain at all when he was asked to lie down and he cooperated with the technician – he’d turn whenever he was asked to turn etc. It’s the first time Mama could actually sit on the chair (without holding him still in bed) and relax a bit during his test.

Well, it's hard to believe how well Adrian behaved during the entire visit at SickKids. He is no longer the little boy we once knew…. :-)