Aug 24, 2010

In anticipation of Adrian going to JK in September (and that it's confirmed the School board will provide 1:1 AVT for Adrian), the therapy that he’s been going since April at Markham Stouffville Hospital is coming to an end. Adrian enjoyed working with Rebecca, our SLP through the Infant Hearing Program and he’s thrilled to see her at each session. During the last 2 sessions, Rebecca did another assessment on Adrian and we are pleased to see Adrian did make some significant improvements. Generally, he speaks more - although the sentence structure is not quite there yet but he’s making good progress. Also, we need to continue working on the clarity of his speech by reinforcing sounds like "s" & "f" that Adrian had problems hearing them. As Rebecca said, Adrian is the happiest kid she’s ever worked with as he’s happy on everything! Though we've made the decision of not attending JK at Public School (therefore may not be eligible for the 1:1 AVT provided through the School board) but to continue at his current Montessori School, according to Rebecca – he will be qualified for another 2 blocks of sessions (I block of 6-7 sessions in fall and then another block in Spring) before he turns 5 under the YRPSLP.

Aug 17, 2010

Adrian came home after school looking very upset yesterday. He told us one of the boys pushed him (and he fell on the floor) in class and hurt him. The teacher made the little boy said sorry and Adrian said he replied "thank you"??!! Even though he said he’s still going to play with this little boy but he felts very intimidated. He woke up from a nightmare crying in the middle of the night and then he slept til 6:30 and came to our room to find us. He must have felt really bad from the experience... Talked to the teacher after school today trying to understand what had happened – the teacher confirmed the incident and said she gave the little boy "Time Out" for pushing.

Aug 14, 2010

What a busy day today with Adrian’s skating class in the morning, followed by a Birthday Party and then a short visit at the Wonderland (our 5th time this year!).

Aug 7, 2010

Our entire household (incl Adrian) went for dental check up and regular teeth cleaning today at our family dentist. The last dental appointment over a year ago with Adrian was brutal… Now that he’s more grown up and not afraid of needles anymore, we know that he’s going to be all right.

As Adrian put it, it started with Papa’s turn, Mama’s turn and then Adrian’s turn at the end. Having sat patiently and looked through the whole procedure – Adrian sat nicely on the dental chair and had his mouth wide opened for the dentist. We (and everyone at the clinic) are so amazed how calm and cooperative for a 4 years old behaved at the dental office - taking instructions on whatever the dentist asked him to do. It surprised the dentist that he was able to do EVERYTHING he needed to without any hassle. We are totally impressed and are so proud of him!

Aug 1, 2010

Adrian began 6 sessions of summer skating class yesterday at the community centre. He was finally able to get up by himself whenever he falls on ice!