Apr 28 - 29, 2011

The MIBG scan is scheduled at 13:30 but we didn’t get called in until 14:00. The scan lasted an hour and we’ll call the doc tomorrow to find out the result!

Dr Baruchel returned our call past 5pm on Friday letting us know the MIBG Scan result is NORMAL! :) Adrian is scheduled to return to Sick Kids on May 12th to see him and the other follow up appointments.

Apr 27, 2011

Adrian had the MIBG injection done at 11 this morning. With the Fukushima ordeal, we learnt more about the radioactive isotope. The Isotope that was used in MIBG is I-123 with a half life of 13 hours. Adrian was required to take Lugol's solution for 3 days (the day prior, the day of & the day after the injection) to protect his thyroid against radiation. It’s scary to know the amount of radiation Adrian has been exposed all through the years via different scans (MIBG / CT Scan). Unfortunately these tests are inevitable and will help us to detect any evidence of disease, if any.

Apr 22, 2011

Spent the afternoon at Puck’s farm on Good Friday. Adrian did Easter egg hunt, jumping castle pony ride & hay ride in the farm. He's made some new friends during our stay there.

Apr 19 – 20, 2011

We were shocked to have received a VM from Adrian’s Oncologist at Sick Kids this evening about the latest urine result. Spoke to the doc the next morning and were told about Adrian’s slightly elevated HVA results (normal being < 14, the latest measures 16). Though the doc said not to worry until he sees the latest scan result, he is going to arrange a MIBG scan for Adrian in the next two weeks just to play safe. The coordinator called later today notifying the isotope injection will take place on Apr 27 follow by the MIBG scan on Apr 28. Hoping for normal results as it is always.

Apr 17, 2011

Adrian had a disco themed birthday party this year with 7 other birthday buddies. The venue resembles the real disco where the kids had fun doing crazy moves and dances. Adrian enjoyed it tremendously! :)

Apr 14, 2011

We feel emotional when it comes to this day of the year - our little man has made it to 5 years old today! Adrian has transformed into an independent BIG boy through the year. He is more verbal and confident in expressing himself. Another change is he's steering away from "Thomas & friends" to "big guys" stuff like Spiderman / Batman / Pokemon these days.

Wishing Adrian a long life, good health (remian NED) & happiness in the years to come...

Apr 11, 2011

Adrian took the Monday off and headed to the paediatrician for his body check. Adrian now weighs 35 lbs and he’s 108 cm tall. In addition to all the measurement, the doctor examined Adrian very closely and the poor little guy also got an immunized shot prior to turning 5 years old on Thurs.