Aug 29, 2008

PBMT - Day 263

After dropping Adrian off to school, both Papa & Mama headed to QM without Adrian!!! It all started with a request we put in back in June to retrieve a list of Adrian's medical records so doctors in Canada can follow up Adrian's case when we return home. However, we received a letter from the Report Unit earlier this month asking us to pay over 10K for the records. Fortunately, they gave us the option to go in and look through the records and only pay for the ones we need and that's why Papa took the day off for this mission. We spent the whole morning sifting through over 2,000 pages of medical records and finally decided on roughly 200 pages that we truly need. We'll need to get a big binder and dividers for all these records to bring home.

Aug 28, 2008

PBMT - Day 262

Adrian was brave enough he walked up the stairs to the school, didn't cry when we entered the classroom but couldn't hold up anymore as Mama was putting his school bag into the shelf. Mama realized it's a big improvement for Adrian already. It's funny the teacher mentioned one of boys there really like to hang out with Adrian. It's true the minute we got in, the little boy already picked up Adrian's photo and handed over to him to put into the "Present" column. When we were about to put Adrian's schoolbag into the shelf, he followed us and started his "baby" talk. It's coincidence enough both of them share one word in common (i.e. 希 ) in their Chinese name.

Aug 26, 2008

PBMT - Day 260

Other than school in the morning, we had physio at DK after lunch and a last minute appointment at the TCM clinic in Central. Adrian has had the Piriton Syrup for over a week and he still has the runny nose. So Mama decided to give the TCM clinic a call and we got the last time slot of the day. We waited almost an hour before we got to see the doctor. Adrian got prescribed 10 doses of herbs to deal with his runny nose and cough. Those were to add onto the existing chinese herbs that we still have.

Below is the first artwork Adrian did at school. Obviously the teacher did most of the cutting and taping and Adrian scribbled on top of the flower!

Aug 25, 2008

PBMT - Day 259

Adrian cried the minute we entered the classroom this morning. He wouldn't want to let Mama go even though he saw his favourite cars in the toy shelf. The Teaching Assistant later carried him and Mama quietly slipped away. Fortunately he was all good after school...

Aug 24, 2008

PBMT - Day 258

We registered Adrian to join a BB Summer Party at Cyberport. Was there in May and this is our second time there. Adrian wasn't shy anymore and he's eager to play on different toys and stuff. There was a running competition for kids his age and obviously he's not the winner because he didn't follow instructions!!! It was fun afterall and the kids got a chance to play with water, sang some songs and played some games together other than the free time exploring around the playroom.

Aug 22, 2008

PBMT - Day 256

Our entire household is enjoying the day off because of Typhoon Nuri. It's the strongest typhoon of the year so far. Adrian has had the runny nose since Sunday and he's developed some mild cough lately. Hope he'll have some well deserved rest and get well soon.

Aug 21, 2008

PBMT - Day 255

Adrian wanted to be carried as we entered the school and cried when Mama wanted to drop him off this morning. Mama was surprised to see Adrian's reaction given he was all right all along. The teacher mentioned kids could behave like Adrian as the reality of going to school (meaning no Mama or Papa keep him company) began to sink in his mind. While Mama was soothing Adrian, the teacher told us how Adrian behaves in class - for example, Adrian likes to cling onto the teacher's leg (maybe to gain security??) and sometimes he would stand still staring at the shelf where his school bag is (maybe he wanted to leave??). One thing that he absolutely loves is the singing part and the teacher said if he cries so much, she'd carry him to play the piano together and he'd stop crying. Two hours passed and when Mama came to pick him up from school, he was all happy again! He'll be ready for the normal 3 hours school next week.

Aug 18, 2008

PBMT - Day 252

It's a regular school day followed by a monthly QM appointment at the day clinic. We got two pieces of good news:-
- The latest VMA/HVA levels went back to normal; And,
- The MIBG results showed that the lesion in Adrian's right liver has been resolved meaning there's no more uptake in his liver. However, mild uptake noted in his right adrenal but doc said it's nothing major and it's probably relating to normal daily activities.
We will be back again in 6 weeks' time, not 4 weeks.

Aug 17, 2008

PBMT - Day 251

We brought Adrian for a movie event, featuring Wall E, organized by CCF this morning. It was Adrian's first movie experience and we were anxious to see how he likes it. We didn't have much hope at the beginning Adrian would have the patience to sit still for the entire movie. To our surprise, he was quiet for the first half an hour "trying" to enjoy the movie and later self-entertained enjoying another movie, Teletubbies, on Mama's cellphone! Overall, the experience was good considering both Mama & Papa haven't gone for movies for years (ever since Adrian was born) AND he got to experience the BIG screen and surround sound in the movie theatre.

On the other hand, Adrian has lost his appetite these two days and he's developed a mild runny nose. Had no ideas where he got it from but guess it's inevitable to get sick after going to school...

Here are the photos from Grandpa's birthday dinner last week:-

Aug 15, 2008

PBMT - Day 249

Now that the first week of school is over - Adrian didn't cry in Mama's absence for two days. We were given a student handbook at the end of the class where the teacher marked down the theme and activities of the week and rated the kids on their participation and discipline. There's still room for Adrian to improve for sure and we are looking forward to seeing him transform into a more discipline and caring kid!!!

Aug 14, 2008

PBMT - Day 248

Adrian DID NOT cry a bit at school without Mama! Mama brought him to the class, stayed around 5 mins before class start and left while Adrian was busy choosing his toys. He probably did not realize Mama wasn't there until later. It was til the end the teacher told us Adrian did well in class, participated in games and played some toys; but again, he refused to have snacks (as expected)!!

Aug 13, 2008

PBMT - Day 247

A very tiring day with school in the morning and Physio in the afternoon. Third day of school also meant the last day Mama could accompany Adrian. He will be on his own tomorrow, though only for an hour progressing to the normal three hours starting Aug 25th. Adrian did get better today, however, he didn't follow instructions ALL THE TIME. When the teacher asked the kids to line up to wash the hands, he'd just ignore and kept playing with the toys. On the bright side, he could finally sit on his own and he seemed to enjoy the singing/dancing part of the class where he actually clap hands and stomp his feet when asked. And again, for the third consecutive day that he didn't take the snacks in class...

Aug 12, 2008

PBMT - Day 246

Adrian has been drinking from the straw cup for more than a month now and he's developed a habit of biting the silicone straw. The straw usually lasts for a few days and he'd need a new one. The other problem is he ONLY drinks from THAT particular straw cup but nothing else. Last night when he was biting the straw again, it broke into two pieces. And he refused to drink from the straw cup ever since, not to mention he's driving Mama crazy!!! Big headache for Mama!!!!

Second day of school went well with the exception that he cried because he was too scared of the Mickey Gloves the teacher worn!!! Other than that, he refused to eat again at snack time. He absolutely has no interests on food! When asked to line up to go and play in the indoor playground, he'd rather play with his favorite, cars, in the classroom!!! It's hard to explain what kids are thinking in their mind....

Aug 11, 2008

PBMT - Day 245

Today is the first day of school for little Adrian. Mama got to stay with him for the entire 1.5 hours stay there. It was more like free play in the first 30 mins of the class where kids can pick up toys from the shelf and play wherever they like. Adrian must have warmed up by then and the kids were asked to put away the toys and sat around the teacher. They drew a "cloud" on the board and played some songs followed by snack time - that's when Adrian started to get cranky. When asked to sit down for snacks, Adrian ignored the teacher and he walked towards the toy shelf. Mama went to pick him up and had him sat on his chair but Adrian being his usual self, threw tantrums and cried as if there's no tomorrow. He pushed the plate and biscuits away from the desk and refused to eat/drink. Luckily it's towards the end of the class and after calming him down (where other kids were having their snacks), we picked up his school bag and we were ready to leave. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Aug 8, 2008

PBMT - Day 242

Papa was searching the web on the weekend and found out that Adrian was the 50th child who went through an Autologous cord blood transplant. We are so proud to have made the choice of storing Adrian's cord blood at birth though we never thought we'd use it.


Aug 7, 2008

PBMT - Day 241

We went for the TCM appointment again this morning. Mentioned our concern on Adrian's slightly elevated HVA level, the doc said not to worry as Adrian was looking good based on his palm and tongue. Given that Adrian has been pretty stable lately, we've been prescribed 4 weeks' supply of TCM herbs this time. Instead of waiting our turn there to get the herbs, we had Papa go and pick up the meds for us at lunch time.

Aug 6, 2008

PBMT - Day 240

Adrian has been skipping naps lately... Wondered if it was the afternoon appointments (like the physio session the other day) that screwed his schedule, even though he looked tired, he refused to go to nap and would yell if he was put in his crib. On a day like today where he woke up around 8am, skipped nap in the afternoon and he soon fell asleep in less than 5 mins at around 20:30!

Aug 5, 2008

PBMT - Day 239

It's the first time we had the physio session in the afternoon. Adrian skipped nap and we went to DK the first time on minibus as well. Adrian enjoyed the ride on public transport these days and he'd scream whenever we had to get off. He behaved well in the first half of the session and later didn't follow instructions and wanted to do his own things. Well, it was a good workout afterall and Adrian having skipped nap, he went to bed at 20:30.

Aug 2, 2008

PBMT - Day 236

We headed to the New Territories after Adrian's nap to visit Papa's coworkers. Adrian was the only kid there and he enjoyed playing by himself in the entire play room. It's amazing he was occupied the whole time (approx. 2 - 3 hours) with the wooden train set. So, we are seriously thinking of getting him one...

*dropped off another urine sample to QM this morning for VMA/HVA retest.

Aug 1, 2008

PBMT - Day 235

Another day both Adrian and Mama had to wake up early and finish breakfast by 05:45am! We arrived QM around 09:00 for the last MIBG return scan scheduled at 09:30. The scan took a little over half an hour and we are happy that it's finally done. Now that the mission is complete, the "block" (for the IV port) in Adrian's arm can now be removed. Will probably know the result in our next QM appointment on Aug 18th.

Adrian has been living with his drumstick (i.e. block with IV port) for the entire week.

Ready for school? Adrian's trying on his uniform.