Feb 24, 2009

Mama has been suffering from pain on her left thumb for more than a week. She couldn't resist and went to see a Orthopaedic doctor and got diagnosed with Arthritis. It was caused by the left thumb joint infection mostly due to heaving lifting of little Adrian!

Feb 21, 2009

Adrian took the Star Ferry for the first time crossing the harbour this evening. He was very well behaved and walked on his own 99% of the time.

Feb 17, 2009

Adrian took a 2-hrs leave from school early this morning for his quarterly appointment with the OT & ST at DK. Mentioned to the therapists that Adrian can finally blow, though not yet perfect, but at least he understands the technique. And other than Mama telling them how Adrian did in the past few months, Adrian played an active role in this session. He actually did/said MANY of the things the therapists asked him to and the therapists were all pleased with the progress. The ST, in particular, has assigned Adrian into a group workshop (approx. a total of 6 kids) which begins every Monday afternoon starting on Mar 4th for a total of 5 sessions. The purpose of the session is to teach the kids (or more for the parents) techniques to the "verbal world". Not sure if we are still here in HK in 6 months' time, but our next follow up session with the therapists is scheduled on Aug 4th.

Feb 15, 2009

We brought Adrian to see his 2nd movie, Bolt. Again, it's a movie event organized by the CCF and we had a chance to meet up with other K8N kids and families. Because it's a 3D movie, we were given special goggles to see the animated 3D effects. Unfortunately Adrian refused to wear it and though he watched the whole movie without it, he seemed to enjoy the movie. Not sure if he understands the plot but he got quite excited sometimes e.g. at the chasing scenes. It's only the last 15 mins of the movie that he started to get impatient but overall he didn't need other toys to keep him entertained this time. We went for dim sum afterwards and did a bit of shopping before heading home.

Feb 10, 2009

Today, Mama had a conversation with the principal of school while waiting to pick up Adrian from school. She told us that she's noticed a significant improvements on Adrian after the Chinese New Year holidays. First, no more drooling & runny nose (well, that's because Adrian is finally clear from the cold symptoms), he seems to know a bit more vocabs and his pronunciation becomes quite clear and that he's willing to follow what others tell him to say. Though he's still not up to a standard 34 months old boy "verbally", at least he's making good progress according to the teacher & principal. Well, Mama was overjoyed to hear such comments and yet felt bad that perhaps she is having the standards too high for Adrian to achieve. Looking back on how Adrian looked a year ago, we are so grateful that we have been able to go through all his treatments and realize the extent of our love for him. Afterall, little Adrian is only learning slowly BUT surely.

Feb 9, 2009

First day back to school after a 2-wks long CNY holidays. Adrian had not been behaving at home especially at meal times that he's noticeably a size smaller than before. We didn't have much hope that he'd finish his lunch at school and then he surprised us! The teacher told us that Adrian did well at school today (after the holidays) and he ate lunch ALL by himself!!! Why is little Adrian behave so different at school vs at home? We also received Adrian's FIRST "Report Card" from school on how he's doing in the first semester.

Not only is today the beginning of another school semester, it also marks the 2nd anniversary since we left our beloved home in Toronto. We hope this is it and we are aiming at spending the day in Toronto same day next year.

Adrian is interested in using chopsticks these days...

Feb 5, 2009

Another day out to Disney... beautiful day with temperature souring up high to almost mid 20s. The park was even less crowded than last time and we were able to shoot pictures with the Disney characters without much wait. Adrian, however, got very impatient at the photo shooting part that he fussed the whole morning until after lunch time. Other than playing Adrian's favorite games at the Park, we also tried quite a few different things this time like checking the Tarzan's treehouse, watched the Lion Dance for the Chinese New Year and took a 15 mins drawing class for Donald Duck which we thought was pretty cool.

Feb 4, 2009

Adrian is due to go to QMH this afternoon for his post BMT vaccination. It's funny that Adrian seems to remember how he got "betrayed" by the nurse into the Treatment room for blood test last time. He needed to be held hands with Mama the whole time in the ward and didn't want to get near the treatment room at all. One of the staff there was trying to get him talking and as soon as she got close to Adrian, he burst into tears! Adrian got 2 shots this time, get rest the next month and the next vaccination is scheduled on April 1st.

Feb 2, 2009

While Adrian is still on school holidays (for Chinese New Year), Papa took the day off and we all headed to Disney for a little CNY celebrations. It was a beautiful day with warm weather and most of all, the park was not as crowded. We were able to find a good spot to sit and see the regular parade as well as the parade in the morning specially for Chinese New Year. Adrian skipped nap and enjoyed the Golden Mickey show he missed out last time. Adding to our list were the Lion King performance and the Stitch Encounter game this time and we are almost done playing everything at Disney. We've already made plans to come back on Feb 5th to visit the Mickey's festive house!

Feb 1, 2009

Adrian officially finished his LAST cycle of cis-retinoic acid (a.k.a. Accutane) today! We are proud to say he has finally completed all his treatment to date.

Adrian is playing in two different parks over the weekend.