Feb 14, 2011

It’s not easy being the parents of a cancer surviving kid. We get paranoid each time we know Adrian is sick or he complains he’s not feeling well on his tummy etc.

Ever since Adrian was sick (sore throat) mid January, he has a tendency to wake up in the middle of night wanting to sleep with us on our bed. We have to walk him back to his own bed and reassure him before he falls asleep again. This happened again last night that he woke up 3 times! Adrian still goes to school in the morning as he used to… getting ready for Valentines’ day party at school. It’s not until the teacher called us around 2pm then we realized Adrian was really sick at school. The grannies quickly picked him up from school, took him to see a doc and then we found out he has scarlet fever. The doc prescribed him antibiotics, hydrocortisone cream (for the rash) and tylenol. We'll keep him home until his rash clears up in the next couple of days...

Feb 10, 2011

The appointment at SickKids had been rescheduled twice and finally it’s on the go. Papa took the day off and took Adrian for the long overdue follow up appointment today.

- The appointment with Dr Baruchel was fruitful. Doc wasn’t quite concerned on Adrian’s "marble poop" & many others.

- Doc noticed Adrian is falling behind on his height – he used to be at 50% and now dropped to 25%. The removal of the adrenal gland may have an impact on the growth hormones. Will refer Adrian go see an Endocrine Specialist if this continues to be the trend.

- Doc mentioned he’d keep Adrian on the Oncology Day Clinic for another 4 years or so (usually 5 years in remission but since Adrian only began seeing him last year). Adrian will then be transferred to "post-cancer treatment" clinic to continue monitor the side effects of treatment (chemo etc.)

- Ultrasound / urine test / blood test will be the ongoing monitoring plan. They are going to book the next ultrasound in 3 months’ time. Doc will only request a MIBG if he has concerns due to its radiotoxicity.

Because the appointment overran at the doc, Adrian missed his hearing test. He only had the urine & blood test followed by the appointment. Adrian continues to be the brave little guy and didn’t shed a tear during blood test. Good job, Adrian!

Feb 6, 2011

Annual CNY Party with the kids...

Feb 5, 2011

2nd time tobaganning...oh boy was it fun!

Feb 3, 2011

We have the 2nd parent teacher interview on Chinese New Year Day. It’s always nice to meet up with the teachers to know how Adrian is doing in class. We are glad to hear Adrian is doing well academically (not behind kids his age) – he knows all his phonics and is able to pronounce the 3-letter words (next step will be the 4-letter word then Reader), numbers incl odd /even numbers etc. What’s interesting to hear is the teachers said he could have done even better IF he didn’t cling to his best buddy all the time!! It’s funny to know how much he attaches to his buddy. According to the teacher, he often checks out what his buddy is doing in the midst of his work and he’s most focused when his buddy is on nap. Oh Kids...