Jan 28, 2010

Adrian skipped school today as the Grannies took him to visit the Pediatrician this morning for his 2nd flu shot. With his recent devotion of Doctor Pretend Play set, Adrian knows well in advance that he's going for needle and has promised us not to cry. He was behaving very well all along that he even rolled up his sleeves when doctor was about to give him the shot. However, Adrian started to fuss when the doctor asked him to take off his top instead. Being the first patient at the clinic, they stayed at the clinic a lot longer than expected due to all the tandrams (like refusing to put the top/jacket back on... etc.). Adrian will be back again on Feb 25th for his long overdue M.M.R. shot!

Jan 14, 2010

Second day at SickKids for:-

1. MIBG Scan at 09:00 – We brought a Thomas DVD from home for Adrian to enjoy during the scan. Though he's still reluctant to lie down for the test but at least he didn't need to be held all the time so Mama can relax a bit. The scan lasted for an hour and Adrian started to get impatient mid way through that he'd bend his legs and so on. The technician quickly went inside as it's time to "bribe" Adrian again. It's so funny Adrian got a toy car as well as a Wall E watch at the end of the scan!

2. Next come the appointment with Dr Baruchel at 11:00 – Again, we were pre-screened by a junior doctor as always and in this case, a not-so-good doctor in our opinion. Without knowing our background, he kept asking silly and irrelevant questions. However, Adrian seemed to like him that he let the doctor examine him without complaints! He brought us good news though, that Adrian's ultrasound from yesterday was clear. We later met with Dr Baruchel and got a chance to ask him some questions including Adrian's vaccination schedule. We got the confirmation that Adrian is ok to be vaccinated with MMR & perhaps, Menactra as recommended by our Pediatrician. Our next follow up visit will be on April 1st , the same day we see Dr Papsin, the ENT doctor.

Jan 13, 2010

Headed to SickKids for 3 appointments today:-

1. Hearing Test at 09:30 – this is Adrian's second hearing test at SickKids. It's super difficult to test with Adrian given he's still young and he doesn't follow the games' rules at all! When asked to place the pieces into the puzzles ONLY when he hears the sound, he'd just do his own thing and occasionally follow the rules. We switched to a few other rooms during the test just to try out different equipment/setting. The audiologist wasn't able to test the pressure of Adrian's right ear due to the amount of wax he had! We have no ideas on the results in the end (well, it's more or less the same as last one) as the audiologist questioned the reliability of the test. Therefore she recommended Adrian to have a FEW MORE hearing tests before he actually sees the ENT doctor on April 1st. So, the next one will be on Feb 9th, then Mar 3rd and last one on Apr 1st just before our ENT appointment!

2. Abdomen Ultrasound at 11:15 – This time the ultrasound didn't take as long as the last one. However, compared to the staff we've come across at SickKids, this technician was very impatient. Adrian gets scared everytime he was asked to lie down and it usually takes a little while to calm him down. The technician quickly used the bedsheet linen to wrap Adrian's feet (because he was kicking and wanted to leave the room without lying down for the test) and did the ultrasound. Luckily that he calmed down quickly knowing it didn't hurt at all, the test was done in less than an hour and off we went for lunch.

3. MIBG Injection at 13:30 – There's Mama holding Adrian with 2 more staff both holding Adrian's hand & feet and the nurse doing the radioactive injection! Needless to say, Adrian cried and he was heard at the end of the corridor. The nurse gave him a present at the end (2 Hot Wheel Cars!) and he quickly smiled and waved goodbye to everyone in the room!

Jan 10, 2010

We were amazed at how well Adrian did in his 2nd skating class. He was very co-operative when we put his helmet, mittens & skate on him. And without a minute of hesitation, he stepped out to the ring with the coach! He managed to move forward with the help of the "walker" and a few times he was able to get up (by himself) from ice after falling. We're surprised of how well he did considering this class is literally his 1st class (with him fussed half the time in his 1st class); he's not afraid of falling and that he's getting more comfortable "duck walking" on ice. :)

Jan 6, 2010

Got a call from SickKids notifying us Adrian's upcoming ultrasound & MIBG injection is scheduled on Jan 13th, the actual MIBG Scan & the appointment with Dr. Baruchel will be on Jan 14th. Called and requested to have another hearing test in either of the 2 days while we'll be there.

Jan 4, 2010

Adrian is finally cleared from running nose and cough after the holidays.... However, we don't know if it's going to last long with him going back to school full day today. Like the teacher said, going to school is a good way to boost up their immune system (well, with the germs of course)!

Jan 3, 2010

Adrian went skating the FIRST time in the New Year! Unlike his other friends, Adrian wasn't in a good mood after a 15 mins power nap in car that he refused to put on his skate & helmet, not to mention to 'try' skating in the ring. Like his swimming class earlier, he wants US to keep him company to stay in the ring. With each session only 30 mins long, we didn't get him out until maybe the latter part of the session when one of the staff (maybe instructor) grabbed and pulled him out. He cried nonetheless but with the help of that patient staff (using marker to draw train tracks on ice), Adrian was able to stand up from sit down position and used the "walker" to skate for awhile. When asked if he likes it at the end of the session, he said yes and promised to go there again next Sunday!

Jan 2, 2010

Arts & Crafts at Auntie Cherry's home