Jun 25, 2010

No school this morning but the grannies took Adrian to the pediatrician for his vaccinations. The appointment was long overdue with Adrian getting 2 shots today – second dose of MMR & DTaP-IPV(Hib). Adrian helped pull up his short sleeves shirt and the shots were administered on both of his arms (not thigh like last time). Adrian was extremely well behaved that even the doctor was amazed why this little guy didn’t even have a tear when poked! As you can imagine, Adrian only got a candy but no more stickers – it’s funny how Adrian used to get tones of goodies from doctors/staff at SickKids, well they didn’t need to “bribe” him now because he’s not afraid of needles anymore! We are proud to say Adrian has finally caught up on all his vaccination meaning he is immunized like all other kids his age!!!! He won’t need the next shot(s) until he turns 5 next year!!!! Hooray!!!

Jun 24, 2010

How the time flies… Today is the last day of school for Adrian! The school organized a play day yesterday with the kids as well as a little "graduation" ceremony in class. Adrian was delighted to see the grandparents and Papa were there sharing this great milestone with him. As the teacher put it on the report card, Adrian has really broken out of his shell and has transformed into an independent boy through the year. Adrian has no idea that he may not be in the same class with some of his friends next year in Casa, we’ll try to stay in touch with some we know and hope their friendships will grow with them.

Adrian is going to spend next week at the Grandparents’ and then summer camp starts the week after at the big campus – that’s where Adrian will spend the next 2 years there doing the Casa program!

Jun 11, 2010

Grandma came with Adrian to the school Field Trip at Lionel's farm.

Jun 5, 2010

We spent the afternoon traveling to see the "Walking with Dinosaurs" show. Though Adrian didn't quite understand the script, he enjoyed the show immensely and kept saying "wow wow wow" whenever there's another dino storming onto the stage. The Dinosaurs are breathtaking life-sized replicas and we wonder if Adrian knows that they have become extinct in reality?! :)

Jun 3 - 4, 2010

Adrian behaved very well these 2 days while we were at SickKids.

- Hearing test went well. The audiologist took his aids for inspection to make sure they are working properly and at the same time, Adrian was sent to have his ears flushed to get the ear wax out. Like last time, he was very cooperative and did everything he was asked to do. The hearing test was performed a little different this time (with Adrian had his hearing aids on) and the audiologist was pleased to know that Adrian became more responsive on high pitch tones than before.

- MIBG Injection took 10 mins to complete. We told Adrian that he’s going for needles and he immediately promised that he’s not going to cry. He was so willing to put his hand forward without a minute of hesitation and didn’t shed a tear when he was being poked! While the injection took a few minutes to complete, Adrian even had conversations with the nurses and everyone was amazed how brave this little boy is! He sure is a big boy now!!!

-MIBG Scan the next day at 08:00. The Wiggles & the Diego shows have kept Adrian lied still for the entire scan that takes about an hour. Big credit to Adrian as the technician was able to do his head scan for the first time. Imagine Adrian had both his eyes shut lying STILL on the table with the scanner only an inch up his head. He’s really growing up and is starting to know what is going on with the scan.

- We’re not able to see Dr Baruchel – but our contact nurse advised us that the results for Adrian’s urine, blood & ultrasound tests from last week were all NORMAL. It’s only 10:00 by the time we finished everything and we took the time exploring Sick Kids before meeting Papa for lunch. Adrian spent some time hanging out at the waiting area of the oncology clinic, checking out the library room and playing with other kids in the playroom for an hour. With such a beautiful day outside, we had a nice stroll to the Eaton Centre after lunch and there we saw booths setup at Dundas Square promoting Ontario Tourism. Adrian had so much fun exploring different booths, meeting Santa in summer suit and even gem panning!

Imagine doing gem panning at Dundas Square for FREE! It's pretty cool!!!

Santa promoting his village in Bracebridge ON