July 27, 2009

On our very last day in Hong Kong, we went to QMH this morning for Adrian's regular follow up appointment. Again, we got to see Dr Chan this time and reviewed Adrian's progress. Everything looks good including his last urine results. Dr Chan was kind enough that he also gave us his assistant's number in case we change our mind and decide to move back to HK in future.

It's still hard to believe we are actually flying home tomorrow!! The original planned 2 weeks vacation turned out to be a 2 1/2 years stay in Hong Kong, not to mention the whole ordeal has changed our lives forever. Having gone through all treatments with Adrian in person, sometimes I felt like I was the cancer survivor instead. We will miss our dear families in HK for their support, friends and new friends we've made during our journey at QMH. You are the reason we extended our stay several times. We are sure Adrian will miss everyone he's come across during the past 2.5 years stay in HK. For the folks in Toronto, we can't wait to see y'all again!

July 23, 2009

In less than a week before we take off, we visited the HK Disney again this summer. We stayed indoors pretty much the whole time except the Mickey's Waterworks Parade time which was great fun.

July 21, 2009

We headed to DK after lunch for Adrian's semi-annually appointment with both the ST & OT on his oral motor skills development. Adrian has improved quite a bit since our last appointment . We brought along the one & only horn that Adrian can blow and blew it in front of the therapists. The therapists were pleased with the progress and suggested continued oral stimulation for Adrian.

July 20, 2009

With the H1N1 outbreak, the class in July became "unofficial" with only a handful of students each day, and today is already the LAST day of school for Adrian. He's too young to know he's not going to THIS school again but to a different school in September. We got the DVD we ordered from school and we are happy to see the DVD was tailor made for only Adrian's class. The DVD documents what the kids do in a typical day at school and Adrian is SO happy to watch it that he keeps looking for his own self in the TV. Glad he enjoys school and we hope he will enjoy his new school life in Canada.

July 18, 2009

A day trip today with the CCF gangs to various places in NT including sampling soy milk and tofu pudding in a soybean "factory", visiting a museum & flea market in the area and a very delicious lunch at Dai Wing Wah in Yuen Long. Despite typhoon signal #3, we hit the mall after the trip and had dinner with some uncles & aunties.

Adrian loves this duck, he'd request a pix every time he sees it!

July 17, 2009

With Papa having a half day off, he drove us to the beach after the class at Heep Hong. It's the FIRST time this year to the beach (and is probably the last time as well). Unlike last year, we bought Adrian a float ring so he can actually spent time in the water apart from playing in the sand. Adrian enjoyed his time being in the water. Too bad we didn't bring our camera or cell phone as all of us were in the water!

Adrian at his LAST private class at Heep Hong with Ms Ng.

July 12, 2009

Adrian loves playing any kind of puzzles especially the Thomas puzzle cube these days. Mama recalled buying that puzzle almost a year ago at the Book Fair and Adrian just "clicked" and knew how to play with it recently. He'd have the patience to play all 6 picture puzzles at a time. Well, maybe he didn't have many choices now as we have started packing and are slowly giving away his toys...

July 4, 2009

Adrian is very excited every time it rains. He loves wearing the rain coat & holding onto an umbrella. Today, we went to APM for dinner and there was a bus-like exhibit showcasing the Collective Memories of Hong Kong. Adrian wanted us to take a picture of him with the bus. It's so funny when he stood beside the bus, he quickly grabbed an umbrella from a lady (i.e. stranger) for posing. Even the lady finds it interesting that Adrian is soooo obsessed with umbrellas!

July 2, 2009

Both Papa & Mama were surprised to find out Adrian was the ONLY one at school at drop off/pick up. Mama asked the teacher if Adrian was the ONLY student at school and the teacher said there's a few other kids but they left without having lunches there. Well, Adrian seemed to enjoy school (guess that's what it matters) and brought an "artwork" back home. He told us that it's a banana... when we asked him again in 5 mins, he told us that it's a corn on the cob!