Sep 17, 2010

The teacher from school called us this morning and suspected Adrian got pink eye (2 kids in the class got pink eye last week). Adrian has been sick (cough & running nose) since the beginning of the week and he did have lots of discharge from his eyes for the past 2 days. Mama went to pick up Adrian right away and brought him go see his pediatrician. Adrian remembers the setting in the doctor’s office and kept asking if we were there for the needles... The doc said he’s got an eye infection and URTI and prescribed him eye drops and antibiotics. Hopefully he’ll get well soon.

Sep 13, 2010

It’s heart breaking to know a family we know in Toronto who went through the same thing as we did whose son is experiencing Neuroblastoma relapse. And in fact, we were just having a party celebrating this little guy’s 6th birthday at Reptilia Zoo yesterday and we got this piece of sad news today!

Today is the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Day – I want to dedicate this post to all the amazing kids who we have come across through the years. What an inspiration to see all of you are so very brave fighting the disease. Hoping we could find a cure to all childhood cancer!

Sep 7, 2010

First day back to school after the holidays – Adrian is officially a Casa student at the BIG campus building. Not only is parking at the big building a challenge for us, Adrian also has to once again get used to have some new friends, new class teachers & classroom. We met with his class teacher when dropping off Adrian and told her briefly about Adrian’s hearing problems. She seemed to be well informed as we’ve noted it on the registration form already. We later met with the co-class teacher after school and she said Adrian did fine in class that he’s playing puzzle the whole afternoon. It’s good to know he is off to a great start - he seemed to like his new class and the teachers as well!

"Generic" uniform bought from Target! :)

Sep 1 - 5, 2010

With the fact that Adrian adores Elmo & Big Bird (he needs to watch an ELMO video on youtube EVERY NIGHT before going to bed) – we decided to make our very first road trip to Sesame Place near Philadelphia and did some sightseeing there in this Labour Day long weekend. Adrian behaved very well during the 16 hours drive (both ways), we managed to fulfill a lot of Adrian’s wishes – meeting the characters from Sesame Street in person, sampling different dry & wet rides in Sesame Park, free play in Please Touch Museum, touring at the Crayola Factory and the hands on experience at the National Canal Museum. We all had a blast in this mini-vacation and we look forward to having many more trips with Adrian as he grows older!