Aug 30, 2009

With Adrian being 1.5 years in remission, we drove 2 hours to pay a visit to The Martyrs' Shrine in Midland, Ontario. We thank God for his love to heal Adrian, it's a miracle to regain his health after going through all the treatments. Adrian behaved very well during the entire visit, he folded his hands and said a prayer - following the words with grandma. May Adrian continue to stay NED and grow healthy!!

Aug 23, 2009

Day trip to the Donkey Farm and flea market at Guelph, stopping by the Lego Outlet at St. Jacob on the way home.

Aug 19, 2009

A lot of Adrian's routines had changed since we moved back to Canada, here's a few:
- Adrian started to have a "real" breakfast! He used to only drink 8 oz of Pediasure in HK, but now he has a hard boiled egg with either a banana or corn and a glass of homo-milk (no Pediasure!).
- He lives WITHOUT nap these days and goes to bed around 9pm at night.
- He needs Mama to keep him company at bedtime. We could leave his room once he falls asleep BUT he'll always walk to our room in the middle of the night to find us!
- He doesn't need to be entertained when having his routine Chinese Herbs. He earned a great applause from us!

Checking out a nearby ToyRus...

Aug 16, 2009

After spending approx. 3 weeks at home (i.e. in the new environment), Adrian has been very attached to us lately, especially to Papa. However, Papa left us today for work in Hong Kong and will not return home until mid September. Wish he'd be ok for the next month or so...

Spending the afternoon at the playground near the grandparents' house.

Aug 15, 2009

A family day trip at the Niagara Falls. It was fun despite we spent hours in the car due to heavy traffic on the highway.

Aug 13, 2009

Adrian had his FIRST follow up appointment at the Hospital for Sick Children this morning. The appt was supposed to be at 10:30 but we didn't get there until 11am because of the heavy traffic on the highway. All of us were very impressed with the facilities at Sick Kids, it doesn't look like a hospital at all but more like a kids-friendly bazaar!

Adrian was pretty alert in the new environment and he refused the nurse when asked to sit on the scale and measure his height. Before meeting Dr Baruchel, another doctor who coincidentally came from HK for training met us, examined Adrian and did the preliminary screening by going over Adrian's medical records. Dr Baruchel came in after... Unlike other doctors, we had some casual conversation where he actually sat on the couch with us and talked about Adrian. In conclusion, a series of tests (CT Scan, cardiac & hearing test etc.) will be scheduled in the next 6 wks or so for Adrian so they can have a baseline going forward. At the end of the appointment, Adrian had a blood test and we were also given a bottle for urine collection next week. It was all good. But we certainly miss the proximity of our home in HK to QMH. By the time we got home after the appointment at Sick Kids and lunch, it was almost 4pm already.

View of the main floor from the elevator.

Playing the bead maze while waiting in the consulting room.

Aug 11, 2009

No more runny nose for Adrian after taking 4 days of Chinese herbs and he's back to his normal self.

Aug 5, 2009

WE ARE HOME!! It's been a week since we got home. We are slowly adjusting to the new time zone as well as the environment. It's pathetic Adrian didn't remember a thing at the house where he was born and raised for 10 months. He got very scared with the added space and he'd need either Papa or Mama to keep him company in bedtime. Though he did not quite used to his new home, he loves hanging out in the nearby playground where he plays sliding, kicking football and even chasing after geese....

Unfortunately both Adrian and Mama got sick with the change of weather. We even brought Adrian to see a walk-in doctor last Saturday because he was running a low grade fever and we were happy to find out that his Health Card still works! No medication was given to Adrian as the doc concluded that his fever & runny nose were caused by virus. So we are going to get some Chinese Herbs for Adrian in the next few days and hopefully he'll get well soon.

On our ride to the Airport in Hong Kong.

Getting ready for the 14+ hrs flight to Toronto.

Having fun at the nearby playground...