Nov 30, 2009

Adrian is off school today for his doctor's appointment. The appointment was supposed to be for the H1N1 shot but somehow we managed to get him vaccinated the week before at the community centre. So we took the opportunity to review and prep our pediatrician about Adrian's progress and other stuff. We spent our last "vacation" day shopping at Costco after the doc appointment as well as getting prepared for Adrian's full day class tomorrow e.g. labeling his lunch thermos, cutlery, blanket & pillow etc.

Nov 28, 2009

Holiday celebrations at the Community Service Village where we were able snap our 1st picture with Santa this year!

Nov 27, 2009

Today is Adrian's last day as a half day student at school. With Mama rejoining the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for more than 3.5 years, Adrian will be going as a full day student starting Dec 1st. It is a big step for both Mama & Adrian as there will be a lot of adjustments ahead of us. We are hoping Adrian can be more independent through his new school life!

Nov 22, 2009

With doctor's confirmation and now that Adrian is free of cold symptoms, we finally took him to get the H1N1 vaccine this morning at the community centre.

Nov 21, 2009

We got an unexpected call from Adrian's Pediatrician this (Sat) evening. Apparently she has touched base with our contact nurse at Sick Kids and was advised to hold onto Adrian's MMR & Chicken Pox vaccination. She thinks maybe they are not comfortable with Adrian to be immunized with live vaccine. However, she gave us the go-ahead to H1N1 & regular flu shot and suggested us to go and get it ASAP.

Us at Mackenzie's Birthday lunch party. Adrian sampled 1.5 slice of garlic bread for the first time (after numerous failed attempts in the past) and liked it!

Nov 20, 2009

Adrian was in good mood visiting the grandparents and we were able to take some good pictures of him.

Nov 18, 2009

Just a week shy of 4 months after we came back, Adrian finally go to bed on his own! When we put him to bed in the past few days, we tucked his "Mickey" in bed with him, reassured him that we have other stuff to do and will be back to see him once finished. As much as he's not willing to let us go, he'll say "OK" and then he will soon be out for the night. Though he still gets up and finds us at around 5ish in the morning but we thought that's a big improvement already. Guess he's more comfortable being in the house and his bed.

Nov 16, 2009

Mama dropped off Adrian's big pile of medical records to the Pediatrician office this morning and was lucky to have 15 mins chat with the doctor. Added to our To-Do list for our next visit is to provide a summary about Adrian's overall well being in terms of all the side effects Adrian has encountered after the chemo etc as well as a list of questions to be confirmed with our doctor at SickKids. We've scheduled our next appointment on Nov 30th and hopefully by then, Adrian will be able to get all his shots!

Nov 11, 2009

Adrian is getting close to two years post-transplant and he's due to go for his last vaccination today (MMR). Instead of going to QMH, we brought him go see his Paediatrician here - the first time in 2.5 years. However, Adrian didn't end up getting the shots simply because the doctor complained we should have brought him see her first thing after we came back from HK!! And because of the fact that Adrian is a "special case" as she quoted, she needed sometime to "study" his case before she gives him the shots! Meanwhile, other than the doc's letter from QMH for which we've given her, she wanted to have ALL copies of Adrian's medical records! Though we had no ideas why she would need ALL because she's not an Oncology Specialist, we would have to provide them to her in order for Adrian to get the shots. Well, at least she's being extra cautious NOW and seeing Adrian has cold-symptoms (runny nose & cough), not only did she got his nasal/throat discharge for the lab, she also prescribed a course of antibiotics to Adrian just to be safe.

Nov 9, 2009

Our contact nurse at SickKids advised us that the results for the MIBG Scan is normal. The next one will be scheduled in 3 months time, after the New Year.

Nov 6, 2009

Being the primary caregiver for a post-transplant person (or cancer survivor), Mama got the H1N1 vaccine this afternoon. Adrian, however, will have to wait until he is fully recovered from running nose and cough before he can get the H1N1 vaccine as recommended by our doc at Sick Kids.

Nov 5, 2009

The actual MIBG Scan is scheduled this morning - it's the FIRST Scan ever that Adrian IS CONSCIOUS, NOT sedated. Mama went into the Scan Room with Adrian for the FIRST time as she was asked to hold Adrian's hand in place as any "moves" would interrupt the scan. We had a hard time getting Adrian changed (into a hospital gown), not to mention had him lie down for the test. Fortunately, Adrian got entertained with the Wiggles' Live DVD this time which make the 60 mins scan more bearable for the both of us. We didn't wait long to see our doctor after the Scan this time. Past urine, blood results and ultrasound were all clear. The MIBG result, however, was not available yet. Our contact nurse will be in touch and let us know the results as soon as she gets it. We're surprised to know our next appointment approx. in Jan 2010 and will involve MIBG Scan again.

Nov 4, 2009

It only took us 30 mins to get to Sick Kids today after school. Poor Adrian got poked twice, one for the blood test and the other one for the MIBG Injection. The last appointment of the day was the Abdominal Ultrasound.... Adrian cries everytime he was asked to lie down. So, apart from watching the "Finding Nemo" movie, Mama actually sat beside him to make him comfortable for the ultrasound. We finished 2/3 of the movie with Adrian fell asleep half way through the ultrasound. Will know the results tomorrow.

Nov 2, 2009

The social worker from the Infant Hearing Program came this afternoon for a home visit. It's more like Q&A where she asked a lot of questions involving Adrian's hearing problems. It's weired she kept asking us what kind of services/support we are looking for but in the end, Adrian only qualifies for TWO of their services. Referrals will be sent to the Preschool Speech & Language Program for speech assessment (which she told us the wait time is approx. 10 months upon completing the first questionnaire) and the York Region District School Board so someone will touch base with us in preparation for Adrian entering JK next year.

Nov 1, 2009

Adrian developed low grade fever last night after having runny nose & cough since Thursday after school. Though we've already brought him see a TCM, we figured we'd take him see a doctor at the walk in clinic today just to play safe at this flu season. Nothing prescribed to him (as expected) as the doctor thinks it's due to viral infection. We're hoping he'll get better by Wed/Thurs so that the MIBG Scan can run smoothly.