May 12, 2011

Various appointments at SickKids today and we started off the Cardiac Echo at 08:30, followed by an abdomen ultrasound at 10:30. Even though we didn’t finish the scans until noon, both tests were easy and painless while Adrian was entertained by different TV/movies.

Met with Dr Baruchel at 12:45 going over results from the latest MIBG Scan as well as the ultrasound Adrian just had. What a relief to know everything is normal with no evidence of disease. The ultrasound and urine test will repeat in 6 months’ time and we’ll see doc again in Nov 2011. They collected Adrian’s urine sample again to check the HVA/VMA reading this time.

@ Cardiac Echo

@ Ultrasound after the scan, waiting for technician to show results to doc.

Next came the appt at Audiology at 13:00 for Adrian’s hearing test. It’s been a year since Adrian last had his hearing test (he missed the last one several months ago) and so being a year older – the audiologist used a different (yet similar) test for Adrian this time. The result showed that Adrian’s hearing has gone a little worse than before and the audiologist had to reprogram his hearing aids with the new audiogram. Then we were off to the hearing aids centre (just a block away) for new ear moulds as Adrian outgrew his, but we got sent back to SickKids because both his ears needed to be flushed (with lots of ear wax) in order to make new ear moulds. So there we were going back and forth and it was almost 4pm when we finished everything.

We’ve accomplished lots spending the day at SickKids today. Adrian did NOT get any stickers this time because he behaved so well throughout the day like a big boy! He was so tired the end of the day that he passed out the minute he was put on his carseat.

May 3, 2011

Adrian began his last block of 6 speech therapy sessions with Rebecca at Markham Stouffville Hospital today. Similar to the past, Rebecca assessed Adrian in this first session to see where he’s at now. She’s pleased to see Adrian has made improvements since December that he's speaking in longer sentences. Adrian scored somewhere between 6-7 with a passing mark of 7 for his age appropriate language skills. Things that will need to work on in the following 5 sessions include reinforcing s-blend words, plurals (Adrian misses all the "s" / "es" for plurals) and grammars (make Adrian aware of the difference between "He" / "She" etc.).