Dec 31, 2008

Adrian is lucky to have Aunt S who dropped by after work to play with him the whole afternoon. He later welcomed uncle home and spent sometime playing with the Mexican hat that uncle brought home. It was nice to spend the evening home as we suppose the streets will be packed with people celebrating the New Year.

2008 has been a better year for us (at least better than 2007) and we sincerely hope that the year 2009 would bring even better luck for all of us. The stats counter on this website indicated there's well over 10K visits from 58 countries/territories during this whole year 2008. We can't tell you how thankful we are to have so many people watching over us. Happy New Year!!!

Dec 29, 2008

We have been debating whether to go to Disney today given the overcast weather in the morning and finally we gave it a go! Arrived the park at 11am and didn't leave until 21:30. Adrian was awake the whole time and he enjoyed it very much. We've tried most games/rides in the Fantasy Garden, took the Jungle River Cruise at the Adventureland and tried out Autopia in Tomorrow Land; however, leaving several unchecked on our list... Then we were off to see the parade and the special Christmas Show later in the evening. We were lucky that the show was still on despite the rain in the afternoon. Adrian was so fascinated to see both the show and the fireworks before closing. We had so much fun that we decided to upgrade our tickets to an annual pass and will probably go again on Jan 2nd!

We are very impressed with the whole HK Disney experience that the staff are extremely helpful and kid-friendly. Too bad that we didn't have any pictures taken with the cartoon characters (except Mickey) and will definitely hunt them out on our next visit!

Dec 26, 2008

Instead of gifts opening on Boxing Day, we had Adrian's FIRST studio pictures done this morning. Mama has been longing to get studio pictures for Adrian for a long long time and finally she put it in action. The pictures not only met our expectations and they truly capture the essence of the moments. It's the best Christmas present we could ever ask for. They will be kept in a beautiful album for Adrian to treasure for years to come.

Adrian's studio pix

Dec 24, 2008

Papa returned to work leaving only Mama & Adrian home. It's an ordinary day until everyone is off work late in the afternoon and off we hit the Mall - Mega Box for a stroll and our Christmas Eve dinner. We finally bought the tickets to HK Disneyland and are planning to go before the New Year.

Dec 23, 2008

We have a small gathering with a few of Mama's prenatal class friends who happened to be in Hong Kong and their kids. The last time we had such gathering in Dec 2006 when Adrian was 8 months old and since then the kids have all grown up to be toddlers running around the house. Adrian was a bit shy (as always) at the beginning and it's until later he started to mingle with the other kids. The kids are all similar in size and they are all very much conversant with the exception of Adrian. We finished off the day by checking out a new playroom nearby, quoted as "Hong Kong's largest candy themed indoor play centre". The place is quite big with mazes, slides, shooting balls and Jumping castle etc.. Adrian totally loved it there and refused to go even after an intensive 2 hours playing there. Will definitely go and visit again later.

Dec 22, 2008

Last day of school in 2008 and we are supposed to prepare some holidays food to bring to school for party & potluck. Mama didn't make anything and instead bought some cookies and popcorn for the kids. Adrian seemed to know that it's party time that he's all happy as soon as we arrived the school in the morning. He brought home the Christmas gift - a bag of goodies, prepared by the teacher the end of day; however, he didn't have much interests in them (not interested in eating snacks as always).

Papa started his 2-day holidays and so we decided to bring Adrian to visit the "Thomas & Friends" being showcased in Discovery Park, Tsuen Wan after school. It's our first time to this medium sized mall and Adrian was all excited when he saw the trains. Other than the Train Engines being displayed, there's also some games related to Thomas & Friends where kids can play upon spending over $200 at the mall. Adrian played all games and had a very fun afternoon there that he only napped maybe 30 mins on our ride home. Will upload some pictures later.

Dec 17, 2008

Adrian loves "cooking" these days. He likes to use the toy knife and cut up the veggies, fish and fruit. Just out of surprise, Papa got a brand new set of play kitchen from his co-worker who happened to have a few toy samples from a friend. Adrian was so happy when he saw it the first time after school and can't wait to play with it. It's like a dream come true...

Dec 14, 2008

Probably the last Christmas Party to go this year for Adrian. We all headed to QMH, not because Adrian was sick but to the Christmas Party specially held for kids who have once stayed in K8N. Adrian dressed up like a clown (very girly) and he was daydreaming during the first half of the party. It's only on the second half of the party where he actively participated in the games and singing. Again, Adrian got a full bag of toys - mainly cars!!!

Santa thought Adrian was a girl...

Ms Tam Yuk Ying was one of the MCs from TVB

Group picture with Santa

Dec 13, 2008

Adrian has been busy going to parties. He met with Great Grandpa for lunch and then headed to another Christmas Party hosted by the CCF. Adrian had so much fun playing the games, not to mention getting gifts and a Polaroid picture with Santa.

Dec 12, 2008

Adrian had his first Christmas Party to go this year and it's Kids' Christmas Party held at Papa's workplace. It was a short hour and a half party where Adrian got a gift/picture with Santa, balloons and entertained by a clown with some refreshments. We all had a good time!

Dec 10, 2008

Papa took a day off on this very special day - Today marked the 1st anniversary of Adrian's BMT (AMBT on Dec 10, 2007).

We kicked off the day by attending Adrian's first School Christmas Show at the community centre nearby. It was only a short 3 minutes dancing and singing part and Adrian did a good job on it. He's not afraid being on the stage and managed to dance through the whole song. We are so proud of him!!! We had a quick lunch shortly after the show then we rushed to QMH for Adrian's first post BMT vaccination. Adrian had a total of 3 shots this time and according to the schedule, we'll be back again for more shots on Jan 7, 2009.

Getting ready...

Adrian is at the far right...

Posing after the show.

Dec 8, 2008

PBMT - Day 362

Adrian was given a small project from school last week - a potted plant (the length of an index finger)!! We are supposed to take good care of it and grow it big by February, bring it back and the school will give them away to the Elderly Home. We have been procastinating and finally Papa "transplanted" the little plant into a proper pot for growing today. It'll be both Mama & Adrian's responsibility to water it and watch it grow daily.

Dec 7, 2008

PBMT - Day 361

We checked out the Christmas decorations in the city after having dinner with a group of girlfriends from university. It was a nice catch up with the girls before the holidays and it's also the first time for some of them to meet up with Adrian.

Dec 6, 2008

PBMT - Day 360

Waking up early for Adrian's TCM appointment then headed to the school for the first Parents & Teacher Interview!!! There were no surprises since there's constant communication daily at drop off/pick up. Both the teacher and us noticed Adrian has big improvements since the beginning of the school year. He is more verbal (not yet conversant though) and disciplined than before. He can take instructions most of the times but still can't quite communicate on what he wants. At least we are happy that Adrian loves school and enjoys it very much.

Dec 5, 2008

PBMT - Day 359

Adrian finally master the art of "blowing" these days. Though he didn't do it quite properly but at least he can position his mouth/lips so there's air coming out. According to the ST, this is a good exercise to strengthen his oral muscle.

Adrian in winter uniform...

Dec 3, 2008

PBMT - Day 357

Though Adrian still has a very mild cold symptoms (mild cough at night and runny nose at times), he has been feeling happy the entire week that even the teacher noticed that he's in a good mood lately. There's going to be a kids' Christmas show at school next week and everyone incl Adrian got a chance to perform on stage. Instead of a regular school day today, all the students have to go for a rehearsal at the community centre - and that's where the show will be held.