Nov 29, 2010

Adrian fell in love with a book that he brought home from the school library namely, "Go, Dog. Go!". After reading it to him a few times and he’s capable to read it out loud to himself every night before bedtime. The book is an easy read that talks all about dogs doing things. We decided to look up a little info about this book and then we realized it’s a classic children book. We bought a brand new book (and a few others from the series) for Adrian’s keepsake after returning the copy back to school.

Nov 5, 2010

After transferring the application from Hong Kong to Toronto, Adrian is now a registered wish kid at the Make-A-Wish organization at the Toronto branch. We had an hour meeting tonight with 2 volunteers from MAW (& interview with Adrian) and we are happy to have nailed down the Top 3 wishes for Adrian. Though we anticipate the wish may not be granted in a year or so but we are excited that it's been written down and will be subject to the board's approval in a few weeks' time!

Nov 4, 2010

After Adrian's speech therapy session ended on Aug 24, Adrian will have another 6 weeks speech therapy sessions starting today with the same SLP at Markham Stouffville. The session began with a quick reassessment to see where Adrian is at. Adrian is thrilled to see Rebecca, the SLP, again and he showed significant improvements in mastering the "h" & "s" sounds.

Some of the findings and areas that need to be worked on in the upcoming sessions include:-
- Adrian is able to master a lot of sounds correctly, however, his speech clarity decreases as his sentence gets long.
- Increase his ability to answer open ended questions (e.g. what’s happening to that guy over there?)
- Continue to reinforce sounds like "f", "th" etc.