Apr 28, 2009

We have a couple of party soundmakers left over from Christmas parties and Adrian has had difficulties blowing either the sound or the "tail" out. Well, Adrian surprised us this afternoon.... he was holding on one, blew it real hard and he finally succeed! We are going to dig up all the horns and whistles for Adrian to try.... :D

Apr 27, 2009

Six speech therapy workshops were ended last week and today Mama brought Adrian to DK for a 1-1 speech assessment. The assessment is pretty thorough... Questions like placing objects on the table and asked Adrian what they are, or the therapist described the use of an object and asked Adrian to identify it on the table etc. There's also a picture card which require Adrian to describe what was happening in the picture. The whole session took no more than 45 mins and while Adrian's actual age is 36 months old (3 yrs old),
- His speech comprehension/understanding equates to a 29 months old
- His speech/verbal skill equates to a 25 months old

Apr 26, 2009

Adrian started his FIRST piano lesson and swimming class at YMCA today. The piano lesson was more like fun music class where Adrian can be exposed to "piano", the music instrument that he adores! The 1-hr swimming class was great in our perspective because there's only 3 father-son pairs (including Adrian & Papa) in class. Adrian enjoyed being in the water splashing but wouldn't let go of Papa. The instructor can only get close to him in the last half hour of the class to put his legs into the right paddle action under the water.

Apr 25, 2009

We were invited to Brandon's Birthday Party at the Playtown. Adrian was there last December and it's the second time he's there and he totally loves it. We got there earlier so Adrian enjoyed a bit of fun before the actual party began at noon and the lunch/cake cutting which followed. Adrian didn't eat much except the forbidden food i.e. Chicken Wings. He enjoyed the party, not to mention the play area as well. We found that he's a lot more flexible and we're comfortable letting him explore everywhere without physically following him. We left around 3pm and because of the proximity to our home, we brought Adrian back after his nap and he got to play again until it closes at 9pm!

Apr 20, 2009

Adrian took a day off the first day of school after the Easter break and headed to QM for his follow up appointment. We're pleased to be assigned to see Dr Chan, the NB guru at QM, again this time. He told us the urine readings were back to normal (for which we knew earlier by calling the Day Ward) and confirmed the MIBG Scan is scheduled on May 11th. Dr Chan, being a MD as well as a qualified Dentist, Mama asked him about the stains on Adrian's teeth and the possibility of getting his teeth polished at his age. Doc gave us a referral for a Paediatric Dentist and we'll probably bring Adrian to get his teeth cleaned and checked there. It's very nice of him to sign our passport applications at the end of the appointment and we'll be back again for the next follow up appointment on June 15th, probably the last appointment before our departure.

Apr 19, 2009

Despite the heavy rain in forecast, we had an outing (CCF event) up north to a Lavender Garden in Fanling. Adrian had many FIRSTs today including BBQ, feeding the goats, making lavender candles & having fun fishing!!

Apr 17, 2009

The second Parent-Teacher interview was held at school this morning. Well, the teacher is pleased with Adrian's overall development except his speech. She mentioned Adrian gets along well with other kids and is very focused when doing arts & craft, puzzles and other group exercise. The fact that Adrian didn't speak/talk much, teachers sometimes had a hard time to know if he really understands the things that were taught. However, from the work or play that he'd done/participated had reassured them that he indeed understands it.

Apr 16, 2009

One of Adrian's 3rd birthday resolutions is to live without diapers. We have been thinking about training Adrian and kept putting the idea off due to our procastination! Mama decided to put it in action during this Easter holiday and finally we are proud to say Adrian is potty trained! The whole process is not as lengthy and complicated as we'd originally thought. Though he still wears diapers during naps & at night, he wears underwear during the day and even when we go out and he seems to be doing fine. Guess we shouldn't underestimate him, Adrian is now a BIG boy!

Apr 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday to our dear Adrian! Our original plan to go to Disney was put off because of the bad weather forecast. Though it didn't end up raining, we had a quiet day at home instead. Adrian got everything "Thomas" this year with a Thomas cake, Thomas gift and wore a Thomas' tee! We wish Adrian good health, happy and stay NED forever!

Apr 13, 2009

On the last day of the Easter long weekend, we got free tickets to see a kids' musical, Pirates 77 at the Arts Centre. It's a 2.5 hrs long musical started at 1pm and it's not surprising to see Adrian getting impatient in the middle of the show as it fell right on his usual nap time. As a matter of fact, we think the meaning of the musical is too hard for kids his age to understand and so it's inevitable Adrian only enjoyed the singing & dancing part of the show. We ended up leaving the show approx. 20 mins before the end because it's quite embarrassing for the actors to see/hear Adrian talked (he actually said hello/bye out loud) since we sat right on the first row of the theatre.

Apr 12, 2009

Adrian became an official member of the Make-A-Wish organization in Hong Kong this March. And, he was lucky to be a guest in the Barney & Characters show, co-sponsored by Make-A-Wish & Grand Hyatt! Adrian was very excited to see the big dinosaur and his gangs (plus Bob-the-Builder as well). He was so down after the 15 mins show and the photograph session that he didn't enjoy the Buffet as much. It was a great organized event and we felt very special especially it happened two days prior to Adrian's 3rd birthday! It's like another wish come true...

Getting ready...

Watching the show...

Big hug to Barney

Painting Easter Egg

Apr 9, 2009

Mama took up the challenge and brought Adrian to Disney without a stroller and all by herself! It was a great day and Adrian was in great mood. He was so well behaved that Mama thought she could maybe visit Disney again next week before his Easter holidays end. Too bad that Adrian couldn't enjoy his usual Dumbo ride, Orbitron and Carousel all due to Mama's faint of heart! Instead, we went for a boat cruise, enjoyed the Golden Mickey Show and checked out the Winnie-the-Pooh Adventureland and the Little World.

Photos from the cell phone... Taking the Mickey Train for the first time.

Apr 7, 2009

On Adrian's last day of school before Easter, Mama went to Wanchai in hopes to get some Easter stuff for Adrian. Unfortunately many of the supplies were sold out.... So instead of getting Easter related toys/stuff, Mama got some good deals for Adrian. Here's an example:-

Who could resist a HK$30 deal of an ironing set. It's the first time Adrian was exposed to the world of "Ironing". He's enjoying it so far...

Mama introduced "Ironing" to Adrian by demonstrating.

We are done!

Apr 1, 2009

After resting for a month, Adrian's back at QM for more post-BMT vaccination. Adrian behaved very well this time that he walked the whole time (didn't need to be held) while we were there. He enjoyed playing the piano in the Day Ward and even said hello to Dr BiBi (the clown doctor) for the first time. He only cried the minute he got poked and later resumed his usual good mood. What a lovely boy he is... We'll be back again on May 27th for more shots.