May 17, 2012

Adrian is due back to Sick Kids for his regular 6 months check up.  It's a little different this time as we tag little brother, Brian, along to meet with Adrian's doctor, Dr Baruchel.

The day started off with a 8am ultrasound appointment, then cardiac echo, blood test, followed by hearing test and then meeting with Dr Baruchel.  Highlights of the day include:-

- Abdomen ultrasound appointment went well, everything is normal!

- Adrian is so brave, he didn't shed a tear at the blood tests!!  Indeed, he's had it in both arms as doc ordered another set of blood test after he had the initially one (after we mentioned his weight gain issue).

@ Cardiac Echo

- As Adrian gets older, he's more comfortable performing the tasks at the hearing test.  His hearing on mid-frequency had improved (reliability issue) and his high frequency hearing loss remains stable.  The audiologist had re-programmed his hearing aids to receive the FM system in preparation for him to enter Grade 1 at public school this coming September.

Hearing test
- We mentioned our concern on Adrian's weight gain.  Apparently Dr Baruchel told us that it's very common for post treatment NB patient to reach a "plateau" on growth chart.  Therefore, he's ordered a Bone Age X-Ray for Adrian for further investigation.  We also requested a urine test to be performed for Brian just to play safe.

We ended the day by exploring the Marine's Lounge at Sick Kids.  Adrian is fascinated by the BLUE piano there and played some songs.  We'll be back for the bone age x-ray on Jun 1st.

May 1, 2012

At Adrian's 6 years old check up today, the pediatrician wasn't very pleased with Adrian's weight gain.  As a matter of fact, Adrian only gained 1 pound from 5 years old to 6 years old and his weight has dropped from 10th percentile to the 5th.  He's not even 40 pounds at the age of 6.  Adrian is not a picky eater except he doesn't like carbs and doesn't has a gall bladder (which may impact his ability to digest fat).  As per the request from the pediatrician, we'll re-introduce Pediasure to Adrian's diet and hopefully it'll help bring up his weight soon.