February 27, 2007

Doc noticed Adrian with consistent high blood pressure - may due to enlarged tumor which squeezed the blood vessels. Adrian needed to take medicine daily to control his high blood pressure.

February 26, 2007

Finally discharged from ICU Ward and transferred back to K8N - Children Center for Cancer & Blood Disease. The specialist nurse came to explain Adrian's upcoming treatment, how to care the Hickman tube etc. and he's also prescribed to take an antibiotics every M-W to prevent bacterial infection which apparently is very common for children under chemo.

February 16 - 25, 2007

Have spent a total of 10 days in the ICU. We are not allowed to stay overnight there. Adrian's liver continues to bleed after the open biopsy surgery. The surgeon used the term "ice cream" to describe how fragile his liver tumor was when performing the surgery. They've given Adrian countless blood/platelet infusion but still couldn't stop bleeding. Finally Dr Chiang suggested to use a self-paid drug called NovoSeven. So the $20K drug did stop the bleeding and it's well worth it. First cycle of chemo started on Feb 16th which ran til the 23rd for a total of 8 days. It was sad to see there's so many lines/tubes going through Adrian this time and he can't live without Morphine not to mention eating or drinking. I'd never thought I'd wean him off Breastmilk this way.... how sad!

February 15, 2007

Adrian's status was changed today. He's officially a HK resident! Well, never thought government run hospitals would be this efficient. On our 4th day at QMH, Adrian is scheduled to have an open biopsy surgery this afternoon. The surgery will also include putting a Hickman tube on Adrian's chest for future chemotheraphy. Adrian was supposed to be transferred to the 15F after surgery, however, we were told later in the afternoon that he needed to go into ICU instead. We were both so worried and kept asking why... what happened? The doctor later explained that his tumor got ruptured a bit during operation and that's why he needed to go into ICU....

February 14, 2007

I was really impressed the doc have squeezed Adrian into a spot for an emergency CT Scan!!! Results came out in the evening and most likely diagnosed as Neuroblastoma. It originated from the left adrenal gland, crossing midline and spread it to the liver on the right! His stage is either 4 or 4S. Doc thought Adrian was at stage 4S as he met quite a number of criteria and therefore a low dosage chemotheraphy is sufficient. Dr. Chiang said baby is unwell to fly as the tumor has gotten so big that it may rupture anytime!!! I really wish it was just a nightmare...

February 13, 2007

We were finally settled at around 11pm last night at K7N. This morning, Adrian got examined by a whole group of doctors!! Doc said there's two possibilities... either Hepatoblastoma or Neuroblastoma. However, they weren't sure until they performed more blood tests and CT Scan. At this stage, all we want is to bring Adrian back home (i.e. Toronto) for treatment. Adrian got transferred to K8N in the evening... K8N is the Children Oncology Ward!!! Still can't believe it....

February 12, 2007

Was it because of jet lag or what? Baby behaved the same... continued fasting and can't fall asleep. Decided to bring him to see doc. Doctor requested us to go for an abdominal & scrotum ultrasound... identified tumor in liver!!! What a big shock!!! Admitted to Queen Mary Hospital through A&E then to K7N - the General Pediatric Ward.

February 11, 2007

Adrian didn't eat/sleep... he hated the small crib and he cried whenever we put him down. He was very tired... We brought Adrian out for lunch and on the way back home for feeding (i.e. BM only), he was so tired that he almost passed out in the car. His face was so pale & a bit yellowish. Noticed his scrotum got swollen a bit...

February 10, 2007

Arrived Hong Kong... All three of us were so tired. Baby didn't sleep or eat on plane. Thought he's not used to the environment or maybe jet lag? He only drank BM and that was it!

February 9, 2007

Leaving for Hong Kong today. Flight departs at 9am and we rushed to the airport at 6am in the morning....