Oct 30 - 31, 2011

When Adrian met a REAL Police....
Trick or treating at the mall...

Halloween at School

Oct 29, 2011

First time at Camp Ooch downtown participating the Family Halloween Fest. It was fun filled from pumpkin carving, to haunted houses and different carnival games for the kids. Adrian dressed up as a Police this year for Halloween!

Oct 21, 2011

We had the first parent teacher interview this evening with Adrian’s class teachers. We were ecstatic to hear from the teacher that Adrian did exceptionally well at school. He’s progressing well on his Readers, will soon be introduced to rhyming words etc. The teacher also had him started writing story book (i.e. a page where Adrian will draw a picture on top and write a sentence or two at the bottom) and it’s not the first time we heard others’ comments (from both his class & Art class teachers) that Adrian is very creative and imaginative. In terms of Maths, Adrian has done all the basics and skip counting and is now moving onto the stamp game where addition will be introduced. Overall, the teacher is very pleased with Adrian’s progress at school. And we are glad to know his social circle has broadened – apart from hanging onto his best friend in class all the time, he’s having a bigger social circle and is making a few other new friends at school in this new school year.

Oct 8, 2011

Adrian spent the day at Blue Mountain with the grannies while we stayed home sealing the asphalt driveway on the Thanksgiving weekend!