Oct 31, 2010

Following the tradition from last year's, we went trick or treating at the mall this afternoon with some friends. Adrian is so proud to be a knight this year. :)

Oct 29, 2010

Halloween Party at school...

Adrian is holding hands with his best buddy in class.

Oct 24, 2010

After knowing the Wiggles are coming to Toronto for concert again, we got in touch with Make-A-Wish Toronto and finally we were offered complimentary tickets for wish kid like Adrian to the show!

Go Bus to downtown

Before the show

Show time...

Singing "Rock-A-Bye your bear"

Oct 22, 2010

On a PA Day like today, Adrian is booked with appointments:-

- First formal eye exam with an optometrist. Compared to his last eye check up in March 2009. This exam is more comprehensive which includes identifying different sizes of alphabets, eye movement ability & alignment. At the end of the test, Adrian was asked to wear a 3D glasses and did some test to check for "lazy eyes". Adrian is very cooperative and he passed all the tests with flying colors.

- We noticed a lot of feedback when Adrian has his hearing aids on, so we brought him down to SickKids Audiology clinic to have his ears flushed and then paid a visit at the nearby hearing aids centre to check the aids and make another custom earmold just in case.

- Seasonal flu shot is scheduled for tomorrow morning at the Pediatrician office.

Oct 21, 2010

We had the first Parent-teacher interview this evening with Adrian's teachers. It's the FIRST time we ever heard teachers use the terms "talkative" & "Chatterbox" to describe Adrian. Regardless of Adrian's liking to hang out with kids younger than him (maybe a way to boost up his self confidence that he's capable to do more than his friends because he's older), the teachers have very favorable reviews on him and we hope Adrian continues to enjoy his new class in the school.

Oct 12, 2010

Adrian resumes his nap-free routine today. The teachers told us that Adrian only napped on Monday and remained well awake for the rest of the week. They suspect Adrian only wanted to nap because of his best buddy in class!

Oct 4, 2010

With Adrian complaining about tiredness every day after school, we’ve decided Adrian will resume the napping routine starting today at school. Though Mrs Gordon doesn’t think he is tired and she suspects Adrian wanted to nap only because he wants to be with his best friend, we’ll see how it goes for a week. After all, his health is in top priority!

Oct 2, 2010

Adrian's first practice on Glockenspiel - we signed him up for the Orff Instruments class in the after school program at school.

Oct 1, 2010

Attended the Curriculum Night at school last night and was very well informed on what Adrian learns/will learn in the coming year. We feel very blessed to have Adrian under the hands of a very experienced teacher and TA. Even though we knew in advance that the teacher was not supposed to talk about each child’s individual progress, Mrs Gordon told me a little bit of Adrian after the Q&A session. It’s totally amazed to hear Mrs Gordon speaks very positive on Adrian – like how he knows all the phonic sounds and is able to make words in class (like CAT, MAT, BAT etc.) and she also compliments on his printing saying he writes neatly within the lines and so on. I was basically speechless and was too ecstatic to hear all about it. With me always worrying how Adrian is behind with his peers, Mrs Gordon reassured us that he’s NOT. That’s the nicest thing to hear for the day… Look forward to hearing more about Adrian’s progress in 3 weeks’ time during the Parent-Teacher interview.